Why Bioheat® is Good for the Environment

biofuel cycleAs the climate change crisis continues to impact how countries approach their energy needs, renewable resources are growing in importance. Bioheat®, a home heating oil blend, is one of these renewable fuel sources becoming increasingly popular and widespread in use. The unique qualities of Bioheat® make it a prime candidate for even more prolific use in the coming decades, as fossil fuels continue to decline in availability.

What is Bioheat®?

Bioheat® is a clean-burning, low-sulfur heating oil that is a blend of standard heating oil and biodiesel. Biodiesel is a blend of diesel fuel and renewable sources, including soybean oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, recycled cooking/restaurant oils, or animal fats.

Oil and biodiesel proportions are what classify Bioheat® fuels. B2 comprises 98% standard oil and 2% biodiesel, B5 comprises 95% standard oil and 5% biodiesel, and so on. There are three levels of Bioheat® fuel

  • Bioheat® includes B2-B5 blends.
  • Bioheat Plus® includes B6-B20 blends.
  • Bioheat SuperPlus® includes B20 and higher blends, up to B100.

How Bioheat® Benefits the Environment

Bioheat® offers many benefits for the environment and has become a cornerstone of the green energy movement. Since it incorporates resources that would usually be discarded, including animal fats, soybean oil, corn oil, and restaurant grease, it takes advantage of readily available materials. Since the utilized oils and fats are already waste by-products, they don’t drive up food costs as ethanol fuels do.

Since it burns cleaner than standard home heating oil, Bioheat® releases fewer toxic emissions into the air. It can have a positive environmental impact when used in just one home – B20 can reduce a home’s carbon emissions by 16.2%.

Bioheat® represents the cornerstone of the liquid heating fuel industry’s commitment to a “net-zero carbon, fossil energy free fuel by 2050.” New York State is among the national leaders in the renewable home heating oil push, with Governor Andrew Cuomo enacting a B5 minimum for Westchester and Long Island in 2018, with the goal of a B20 standard by 2034.

Bioheat® Benefits for Homeowners

Bioheat® provides many benefits for homeowners. The fuel can dissolve leftover sludge in your boiler, improving your boiler’s operational efficiency, extending the heating equipment’s lifespan, and reducing the frequency of equipment maintenance.

Existing heating equipment doesn’t need to be changed or upgraded to accommodate Bioheat® fuel. Suppose you decide to upgrade your heating equipment to a new, high-efficiency hybrid oil burner such as the Energy Kinetics System 2000. In that case, you can reduce your Bioheat® costs by anywhere from 20% to 50% annually.

Aside from savings on annual fuel costs, there are tax incentives for using Bioheat®. The Clean Heating Fuel Credit offers New York homeowners a refundable credit for every gallon of B6-B20 fuel. The credit equals one cent for every percent of biodiesel. If you get B6, you get a credit of 6 cents per gallon. If you get B20, you get a 20-cent credit per gallon.

Other Benefits of Bioheat®

Bioheat® offers other benefits aside from the environmental and personal ones. It is produced in America, which helps create domestic jobs. Biodiesel production accounts for over 65,000 jobs alone. Since Bioheat® is made in America, fuel costs are not subject to volatile foreign instabilities and unrest.

Long Island’s Best Discount Prices for Bioheat®

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