What to Look for in a New Oil Company

google searchThere are many reasons to look for a new oil company but finding a reliable one can prove challenging. Perhaps you have just relocated, your current contract is up with your existing company, or maybe you had not previously considered the benefits of a contract with an oil company. It would help if you kept an eye out for a few qualities and characteristics when choosing a new oil heat and service provider.

Signs of a Quality Oil Company

  1. Positive Google Review

    Customer reviews are critical when determining who your next service provider is going to be. Google places a great deal of weight and influence on customer reviews, so much so that reviews influence a website’s overall SEO rankings and local search standings. While a negative review now and again is expected, a history of positive reviews should be one of the first things to locate.

  2. Warranties / Guarantees

    An oil company must provide you with a warranty or guarantee for the work that they do. While nearly all companies offer basic warranties for services and equipment installations, many companies offer extended warranties as well, although a third-party company might be the provider. When it comes to your home heating system, you should make sure that all parts and workmanship are covered against defects since repairs can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the discomfort when your heat (or air conditioning) stops working.

  3. A Solid Business Reputation

    A company is only as good as its word, and companies that emphasize customer service spend years, if not decades, building solid reputations. They invest time and effort into building relationships with their communities. A company like Tragar, one that has been in business for over 60 years, stakes its hard-earned reputation for excellence and customer service on every phone call and service visit.

Reliable Home Heating Services

Tragar Express is Long Island’s premier source for discount COD home heating oil. We offer a full range of upgrade and repair services for oil heat and gas heat systems. Our parent company, Tragar, has been serving Nassau County and Suffolk County residents for over 60 years with our guaranteed 5-star customer service. For information about heating system upgrades or to schedule an oil delivery, call Tragar Express today at (516) 221-2559. You can also email us at email us.