What is Bioheat®? 5 Common Questions About Bioheat®

bioheatAs part of our ongoing commitment to offer the best possible products and services to our customers, Tragar Express is proud to provide Bioheat® home heating oil to its customers at no extra charge. Bioheat® offers many advantages over conventional heating oil for homeowners and the environment. Many homeowners have questions about Bioheat, so we have attempted to answer the main ones here.

Bioheat® FAQ

  1. What is Bioheat®?

    Bioheat® is a blend of conventional heating oil with Biodiesel, a renewable, biodegradable fuel made by combining vegetable oil, animal fat, or recycled restaurant grease with diesel oil. Bioheat® usually contains 2-5% Biodiesel. Bioheat® with 2% Biodiesel is designated B2, Bioheat® with 5% Biodiesel is B5, and so forth.

  2. What are the benefits of Bioheat®?

    Bioheat® provides advantages for homeowners and the environment.

    For homeowners –

    • Burns cleaner than standard oil
    • Dissolves sludge left behind in your boiler from standard fuel, possibly extending your heating system’s life and decreasing maintenance needs
    • Made in the United States, creating jobs and reducing dependence on unreliable, fluctuating foreign sources
  3. For the environment –

    • Renewable energy source
    • Biodegradable
    • Less toxic emissions
    • Made from a wide variety of plants, unlike ethanol which is produced from a small, limited group of plants

  4. Do I need to have special Bioheat®-compatible heating equipment?

    No. Any home heating system that uses regular home heating oil or diesel can use Bioheat®. If you have a conventional oil-burning furnace, boiler, or heating system, you can start using Bioheat® without any special modifications.

  5. What if I have conventional home heating in my tank now?

    Not a problem. Bioheat® can be blended with standard #2 oil, the home furnace standard. It can also be blended with commonly used #6 industrial oil. Bioheat® can even be blended with ultra-low sulfur heating oil. You don’t have to drain your tank to start using and benefitting from Bioheat®.

  6. Does Bioheat® cost more?

    No. If you look at the daily updated home heating oil prices on TragarExpress.com, you’ll see that our prices are comparable to or lower than other COD oil companies. Plus, we offer several discount deals so your home heating oil will cost you even less.

  7. If you have any other questions about Bioheat®, please don’t hesitate to contact Tragar Express today by calling us at (516) 221-2559 or emailing Tragar Express today.