Questions About Water in Your Oil Tank

An oil tank on a residence.Your oil tank, no matter if it’s inside, outside, or underground, is an essential part of your home. A high-quality oil tank will keep you and your family warm during the cooler months if it is operating optimally. However, water can pose a threat to your oil tank. Water is an issue that many homeowners have questions about, and the home heating oil experts of Tragar Express are here to answer your questions.

How Does Water Get Inside An Oil Tank?

There is a misconception that oil tanks are wholly sealed, but that is unfortunately not always true. Though oil tanks are designed to prevent water from getting inside, humidity and moisture are simply a natural part of the environment. If there is water in your oil tank, it is most likely due to rainwater or condensation. Outdoor tanks are more exposed to the elements, and rainwater has a higher chance of seeping into them if the lid isn’t shut or secured all the way. Indoor tanks are at risk of getting water inside them due to condensation or moisture in the air. As for underground tanks, groundwater can pose a constant threat and can enter into a tank due to corrosion.

What Are The Risks Of Having Water In Your Oil Tank?

Having water in your oil tank can cause multiple issues. One issue is bacteria. If there is water in your oil tank, then an environment for bacteria to grow has been created. The bacteria that start to grow will release acids, which will erode your tank and its parts. Another issue is rust. Moisture will cause your oil tank to rust, and this will decrease your oil tank’s physical integrity and lifespan. Also, a serious issue can arise if there is water in your tank in the winter. The damage occurs as the water freezes, and the ice crystals can cause blockages or physical wear.

What Should I Do If I Suspect That There Is Water In My Oil Tank?

To fix serious problems with your oil tank, we recommend finding an HVAC professional near you. Contact Tragar’s service department and schedule an annual visit to your Long Island home to check for any potential or present problems, such as water being in your tank and issues that have come up from that.

Trust Tragar Express to Maintain Your Oil Tank

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