3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Oil Heat System Now

Image of a oil heating system with the wordsWhen you think of oil heating, you might believe that you should perform maintenance or repairs in the fall or winter. However, the oil heating experts at Tragar Express recommend upgrading your oil heating system in the spring. Proactively addressing your maintenance or repair needs will guarantee that your oil heating system is in top condition when you need it most.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Oil Heat System

  1. Be Prepared for The Colder Months

    Upgrading your oil heating system during spring is a great way to ensure that you have all your bases covered for the fall and winter months. Doing this is not only proactive, but it is also convenient. When your oil heating is being repaired or upgraded, the technician must turn it off. If your heating is off in the spring, it will not be as much of a disturbance as it would be in the fall or winter.

  2. Save Money and Invest in Your Home

    Spring isn’t just the start of the baseball season, it’s also tax refund season. Financing your heating upgrades or repairs with your tax refund would be a smart investment and an easy way to save money states CleanOilHeatNH.com. You can avoid costly emergency repairs in the fall. To save even more, upgrade your oil heating system to the Energy Kinetics Heating System 2000. This high-efficiency hybrid boiler heating system can save you money from the day it’s installed because it is 38% more energy-efficient. You can save literally hundreds of dollars annually with high-efficient system upgrades.

  3. You Will Beat the Rush

    In the spirit of being proactive, scheduling any maintenance, repairs, or upgrades for your oil heating system in the spring can save you time. HoldenOil.com states that fewer homeowners call home heating oil companies to service their systems during the spring. The overall demand for heating repair technicians is very low in the spring, so the chances of convenient availability are much higher than in the fall or winter. Instead of waiting for your heating system to break down in the winter, be proactive and have your heating system tuned or upgraded in the spring when you can find an HVAC technician much quicker.

Trust Tragar for Heating System Upgrades

Tragar Express provides high-quality, discount home heating oil to your home during any season and we suggest that you schedule your heating system upgrades or repairs for the spring or summer. Tragar Express is a family-owned heating oil business serving homeowners in Nassau County and Suffolk County for over 60 years. Our parent company Tragar provides tune-ups and upgrades for your oil heating system. Call (516)-221-2559 to get oil delivered to your home or fill out our contact form to schedule an inspection or repair appointment.