Tips To Prepare Your HVAC Unit For A Snow Storm

frozen hvac unitIt’s that time of year when we take the sweaters out and turn the thermostat up. And with how cold it can get on Long Island in winter, you want to know that when you raise that thermostat that you have a properly functioning home heating system that can keep you and your family comfortable. Depending on your home, you may have heat pumps to help warm up rooms that your HVAC system doesn’t reach as effectively.

Because of how turbulent the weather can be in winter, we could potentially face radical temperature fluctuations, powerful winds, as well as snow and ice storms. Outside forces such as those listed could adversely affect your home and your HVAC systems. So what should we keep in mind this winter as we use and maintain our HVAC systems?

Should I Clear Snow Off My HVAC Unit?

In most situations when it comes to your home, clearing off the snow wouldn’t be a bad idea. When it comes to some HVAC units in particular; it can be the difference between having a unit that functions or not. One of those units is the heat pump.

The way heat pumps work is they use electricity to transfer heat from a cooler place to a warmer place which results in a cold place, like outside your home, being colder and a place you’re trying to warm up getting warmer. If you have snow blocking the ducts of your heat pump, it won’t be able to function.

Should I Turn Off My Heat Pump During An Ice Storm?

While it may seem counter-intuitive as you want your heat pump to help keep your house warmer during cold conditions, you’ll likely want to turn your heat pump off during an ice storm. The reality is if ice gets into the unit and freezes on the blades of the fan, it can cause the fans to work harder, resulting in damage to the fan or potentially blowing the motor. It’s probably best to cover the top with something like plywood if possible or to, at the very least, keep the heat pump off for the duration of the storm.

How Do I Keep My HVAC From Freezing This Winter?

Certainly older model heat pumps could not function well in particularly cold temperatures. That said, some newer models can function in extreme temperatures, such as the ones Tragar installs. Heat pumps do require defrosting and should have settings available to perform defrost cycles regularly as well as having options to instigate a defrost cycle manually to help prevent freezing.

Regardless of how hard we try to manage HVAC equipment, we can still run into problems. That’s where HVAC professionals are necessary to make sure we’re properly managing our HVAC systems, having new ones installed that are right for our homes, and being available for emergency services during the winter months when fast service and repair can be crucial.

Tragar Express Can Help Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

While there is no good time to be dealing with HVAC problems, winter is certainly one of the hardest times for HVAC problems, including low heating oil, to be affecting you and your family. That’s why we pride ourselves on having the fastest emergency response time in the area at just two hours. We offer discounted oil with multiple ways to pay, including C.O.D., and we can get you on a delivery schedule to make sure you don’t have to worry about running out of heating oil at an inconvenient time. Contact us today for peace of mind come winter.