Three Furnace Maintenance Tips

A technician servicing a furnace.When it comes to heating your home, you have options from which to choose. Homeowners typically have either a boiler or furnace heating system to keep their homes warm. A furnace is powered by electricity and can utilize either natural gas or oil to heat an entire home effectively. However, as furnaces work hard over time, they will need maintenance to keep them running optimally. The HVAC professionals at Tragar Express are here to provide you with three ways to preserve the integrity of your furnace.

  1. Clean and Clear Your Furnace’s Exterior

    A furnace’s maintenance includes its exterior just as much as its interior. This cleaning and maintenance include both your furnace’s exterior and the area around your furnace. Remove any clutter that may be blocking entry to your furnace. A clear passageway will make it easier for you to make any visual inspections. Also, clean your furnace’s exterior of any dust and debris and vacuum the area around your furnace.

  2. Change The Filter

    A clean filter keeps your heating system running efficiently and your home comfortable during the cooler months. On the other hand, a dirty or clogged filter will decrease airflow. Consequently, this will reduce your air quality, which can trigger allergies, put more pressure on your system, use up more energy, and plug up your ductwork, leading to expensive repairs. Though a technician should have replaced your furnace’s filter during your last inspection, it should be replaced about every one to three months, depending on how dirty it gets, until your next inspection the following year.

  3. Hire a Qualified HVAC Professional

    We recommend finding a qualified HVAC professional for more advanced mechanical maintenance for your furnace heating system. Tragar’s service technicians can make an annual visit to your Long Island home to check for any potential or present problems within your furnace system that you may have missed or didn’t know existed. After the tune-up, the technician will advise you of solutions and any parts that require replacing or upgrading.

Trust Tragar Express for Your Furnace Maintenance

After investing in a furnace for your home, it is essential to keep a regular maintenance schedule. Tragar Express is always available to you for oil deliveries to power your heating system. Additionally, our parent company, Tragar, offers annual tune-ups for your oil or gas heating system. We proudly serve Long Island homeowners across Nassau County and Suffolk County. Call us at 516-221-2559 to speak to one of our representatives for more information.