Signs Your Oil Boiler Needs Servicing or Replacing

technician servicing a boilerYour home’s heat begins with the oil burner. Without it, your water boiler won’t produce hot water, and the furnace won’t supply hot air for your home. Regular maintenance can help extend the life and efficiency of your boiler. Whether that includes basic maintenance you can do yourself or scheduling a professional, every bit helps.

Do Boilers Really Need Servicing?

Nothing lasts forever. An issue with your boiler can lead to many negative consequences ranging from having no heat for your home, warm water, or even dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning.

One of the main reasons to have your boiler serviced is the long-term saving on your utility bills. An efficient boiler will use less energy to run and cost you less.

Do You Need Your Boiler Serviced Every Year?

Most energy companies suggest having boilers serviced once a year. Most people schedule their servicing during the winter when their boiler is actively being used, which will help make any issues more noticeable. However, some opt to wait until summer, viewing it as easier to repair the system when you’re less likely to need it. Whichever time frame you choose, the more important point is to do it consistently once a year.

What Happens When You Don’t Service Your Boiler?

Neglecting your boiler can lead to the following:

  • Oil leaks
  • Filters and hoses clogged with sludge
  • Nozzles can be worn away
  • Steam line corrosion
  • Complete system failure

This can have an adverse effect on the fuel-to-air mixture. There can be bad smells, strange noises, and messy stains. Essentially, minor problems create more significant problems down the road.

Is It Illegal to Not Have Your Boiler Serviced?

If you are a landlord or other property manager, it is your legal responsibility to provide heat to your tenants and have your boiler serviced. Having it serviced and ensuring basic maintenance is performed works in your favor, as any repairs caught before they become major problems are less costly than replacing an entire system. Regular maintenance is also required in most product warranties.

What Is Done During a Boiler Service?

An HVAC professional will thoroughly clean the interior of the boiler. As mentioned before, boiler cleaning should be done every year. This will save you money and extend the boiler’s lifespan because removing the build-up of soot allows it to burn more efficiently. They will also:

  • Check the oil supply lines for sludge clogs
  • Change filters
  • Replace nozzles
  • Run an efficiency test to measure temperatures, CO2, smoke, and combustion efficiency.

How Long Does Oil Boiler Servicing Take?

The average inspection and servicing can take up to three hours, though typically only 1-2 hours. During the servicing, the HVAC technician will examine the unit for pieces that need to be replaced as part of the normal wear and tear of the system.

Can Anyone Service a Boiler?

New York City requires every boiler to be inspected annually by either a Licensed Master Plumber or a Licensed Oil Burner Installer. Most ordinary boiler maintenance and repair shouldn’t require a permit, but they must be performed by either the Licensed Oil Burner Installer or Licensed Master Plumber.

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