Plan Now and Upgrade Your Home’s Heating System

heating equipmentAs temperatures and humidity race each other daily to reach the 90s, it’s hard to imagine the inevitable winter season. For savvy homeowners though, this is the best time to upgrade old or inefficient heating system components. What better time to replace that old furnace or upgrade your boiler? Now is the time to do it, when the system isn’t needed, rather than risk old components breaking and resulting in a costly emergency repair on a cold night.

Heating and cooling costs can be responsible for as much as 50% of your home’s annual energy bill. Here are 5 heating system components that will help improve your home’s heating efficiency and help save you money this winter.

3 Heating System Upgrades to Consider

  1. High-Efficiency Boiler

    Once, this term might have been considered an oxymoron, but thanks to recent advances in design and manufacturing, a new high-efficiency boiler can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Tragar’s high-efficiency boiler of choice is the Energy Kinetics System 2000. It was invented by engineer John Marran, who has a background in industrial pump manufacturing. The Energy Kinetics boiler can save homeowners up to 40% on fuel bills, compared to similar units.

    A heavily insulated storage tank means there will always be hot water available. The patented low mass design recovers energy at the end of heating and hot water cycles, reducing costs even further. The unit operates with whisper-quiet efficiency and will last for decades. Best of all, the same unit can be run using natural gas, oil, or propane, so if you choose to switch your heating source later on, the boiler can still be utilized.

  2. Ductless Heating

    A significant source of wasted energy and money can stem from heating or cooling rooms that aren’t being used. If your family only uses a few rooms in the house, it doesn’t make economic sense to keep unused spaces at the same temperature. Ductless heating systems use heat zones as defined by the homeowner, so temperatures can be adjusted based on need, helping reduce energy costs.

    By combining high-efficiency heat pumps and bypassing inefficient ductwork, heat is transferred directly to its intended destination with little to no waste so rooms are warmed up faster. Ductless systems function as both heating and cooling units, so minimal changes need to be made to a home to install the unit. Ductless systems replace high-cost individual room air conditioners which are typically used when central air isn’t an option, such as in older homes and houses built on slabs.

    Operating quietly and efficiently, a ductless heating/AC system can save some homeowners even more money as there are many rebate plans and tax incentives available through state energy programs.

  3. Upgraded Heat Pumps

    Despite its name, a heat pump is a critical component to both your heating and cooling system. Very simply put, a heat pump moves warm air from one place to another. It can be used to replace both your furnace and your air conditioner. During the winter, heat pumps pull in heated air from outside the home and during the summer, the pump pushes the hot air out of the home. Heat pumps are better at removing humidity from the air than normal air conditioners, which only cool air.

Save Money and Upgrade Now

While winter might seem to be a far off concept now, it’ll be here before you know it. Planning for and upgrading your old, inefficient, money-wasting heating equipment is something that can be done now. Tragar, our parent company, offers homeowners year-round savings on installation costs for both ductless systems and the Energy Kinetics boiler. If your air conditioning system is also aging out of usefulness, a new heat pump or ductless system can replace that as well, addressing two potentially expensive issues in one shot.

Upgrade your heating system components now, before they fail, or need expensive repairs. New heating equipment can start saving you money on energy costs from day one of installation. Even a new boiler upgrade can help reduce costs for water and your natural gas or oil costs. Give Tragar Home Services a call today at (516) 221-2559 to upgrade your heating system.