Oil Heat Vs. Natural Gas Heat – Which is Right for You?

A background image of a cartoon flame with the text overlay "Oil Heat vs. Natural Gas Heat".Having a reliable heating system in your home brings you and your family comfort and peace of mind. There are multiple options for what fuel to burn for warmth. Oil and natural gas are just two of the many options for a home heating system. As oil heating experts, we want to explain the differences between them so that you can make the right choice for your home.

  1. Oil Heat Can Be More Effective

    Using oil heat for your home heating system can be more effective because oil burns much hotter than natural gas. To put this into perspective, one gallon of oil has an energy content of 125,000 BTU compared to the energy content of natural gas, which is 20,000 BTU, according to Blog.SmartTouchEnergy.com. You can get more bang for your buck when you choose oil heating over natural gas and keep your home warmer.

    Recent improvements in technology also mean that new oil furnaces can be much more efficient. Energy Star recommends replacing a furnace if it’s over 15 years old. Energy.gov states that a 20-year old furnace may have an efficiency rating of 78% or less, whereas a new unit can have a 95% efficiency rating. A new boiler can help save hundreds of dollars in the first year.

  2. Safety Concerns

    Contrary to popular misconceptions, heating oil is safe for you and your loved ones. Home heating oil is not explosive and oil heating system equipment, including oil storage tanks, are completely safe when properly maintained. While some homeowners have concerns about natural gas due to isolated but widely reported issues, natural gas heat is also quite safe. The primary safety concern for both systems is poisoning due to carbon monoxide, which is a natural by-product of burning carbon-based fuels. Having a properly maintained heating system, whether oil or gas, and properly functioning CO2 monitors can help keep your family safe.

  3. Environmental Awareness

    Oil heat may have an advantage when it comes to environmental friendliness. Natural gas burns relatively cleanly, for a fossil fuel source. According to Enbridge.com, natural gas produces 45% less carbon dioxide than coal, 30% less than oil, and 15% less than wood. However, natural gas releases methane gas into the air, which is the main gas responsible for global warming, says NJEasy.com. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that methane gas negatively impacts the environment 25 times more than the carbon dioxide that heating oil produces.

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