Three Tips for Maintaining Your Oil Heat System

Background image of an oil tank with overlay text "Helpful Tips To Keep Your Oil Tank Running Smoothly".While we are enjoying the warmth of summer by spending more time outside, we are only getting closer to fall and winter, when warmth matters the most. Your oil heating system may be the last thing on your mind right now, but just because you are not using your oil tank does not mean that you should not maintain it. After all, it is essential to make sure that your oil tank is operating optimally ahead of the cooler months to avoid an emergency. Fortunately, the oil heating professionals at Tragar Express are here to share a few tips on how to preserve your oil tank.

  1. Keep Your Tank Full

    When your oil tank is not full, there are empty spaces where condensation can form. This reaction can cause severe problems for your oil heating system. The formation of moisture can erode the metal inside your oil tank and cause it to rust. states that the droplets of condensation can create an environment inside your oil tank for bacteria to grow and reproduce. The bacteria will disintegrate the oil over time, making sludge in your tank, which can get sucked into your fuel lines. Be proactive and refill your oil tank while demand is low this summer.

  2. Look Out for Problems

    Thankfully, a diligent homeowner can spot issues with their oil heating system quickly enough. advises homeowners to note any physical damage to the tank, such as cracks or dents. As fuel is used, pay close attention to the gauge and if it is accurately reporting fill levels. In addition, when you get your next oil delivery, make sure that you hear your oil tank’s vent whistle going off so that you know for sure the tank is full.

  3. Get A Professional Tune-Up

    Ultimately, prevention is the best cure. Though there are a few noticeable problems that homeowners can easily see such a leak, it is essential to leave the more in-depth inspections to professionals. A thorough assessment should include checking the filter, vent pipes, and vent alarm. recommends having your oil tank checked once a year.

Tragar Express Keeps Your Oil Tank Running Smoothly

Tragar Express not only delivers oil right to your front door, but our parent company, Tragar, has been serving homeowners in Nassau County and Suffolk County for more than 60 years. We install, maintain, and repair both gas and oil heating systems. As part of our 5-star customer service commitment, keeping you and your family comfortable is our top priority. Get your oil heating system checked and tuned up by filling out our contact form or calling us at 516-221-2559 today.