What To Do If Your Oil Tank Is Leaking

A close-up image of a leaking oil tank.Having oil heating for your home is an excellent investment to make because it gives you and your family a reliable source of warmth and peace of mind. However, having an oil tank requires vigilance and maintenance to ensure that it is operating optimally. One of the worst things to see from your oil tank is a leak or spill. An oil tank leak can be hazardous to anyone in your home and the environment, so it needs immediate attention by properly equipped experts. Fortunately, Tragar Express has been in the oil heating business for over 60 years, so we know a thing or two about what to do in case of an oil tank leak.

  1. Make The Right Calls

    Before trying to handle the leak, make sure to contact your home insurance agency. Proper notification is essential because you need to be able to assess any costs for repairs and replacements. You can also get set up with a qualified oil company to clean up the spill safely, efficiently, and within the directives of local environmental laws.

    Another call that you must make is to your local fire department, says BurchOil.com. After all, oil is considered a combustible material. Any oil leak or spill has the potential to lead to a fire if ignited accidentally.

  2. Conduct a Quick Inspection

    After noticing a leak coming from your oil tank, you should turn off the oil supply as soon as possible if you can do it safely. Then, very carefully, try to locate the source of the leak. While doing this, we urge you not to touch the leak or have any of your clothing come in contact with the oil. If this happens, skin and eye irritation can occur.

  3. Slow The Leak

    If you can locate the leaking part of your oil tank, you can try to slow or control the leak before the fire department, or oil heating specialists arrive. EstateAgentNetworking.co.uk states that you can do this by placing a bucket under the leak or spreading absorbent material, such as cat litter, over the spill. Once again, make sure not to allow the oil to touch your skin or clothing, including your shoes.

  4. Protect Your Loved Ones

    Now that you have the leak under control, it is time to ensure that your family is safe and sound. Heating oil is not only irritating to the skin and eyes; it is also hazardous to inhale. To decrease the chance of your loved ones becoming dizzy or disoriented from the vapors, open up your windows and turn on any fans. Block off the area where the spill occurred entirely from yourself, small children, and pets. SmartTouchEnergy.com advises that you be prepared to temporarily relocate to a hotel or a family member’s home for a few days while your home gets cleaned.

Contact Tragar Express for Oil Tank Deliveries and Repairs

At Tragar Express, we believe in taking proactive action to prevent disasters, such as oil tank leaks. The best way to avoid leaks is to keep up with the maintenance of your oil tank. In addition to delivering oil straight to your front door, our parent company, Tragar, also offers tune-ups for your heating system. Get started today by calling 516-221-2559, filling out our contact form, or emailing us at info@tragarexpress.com.