How to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather

residential heatingAlthough Long Island residents are currently enjoying the fall season, the winter weather is fast approaching and will be here before you know it. Don’t be caught out in the cold this year. Make sure your home is winter-ready ahead of time by investing some time in preparation now. By taking a few simple precautions, you’ll feel better when the winds of winter arrive.

3 Winter Weather Preparedness Tips

  1. Get an inspection

    Have a qualified HVAC professional check it out for you before you turn your heating system on for the first time this season. The technician will inspect the internal mechanism, change the filters, and test the entire system to ensure that everything works properly. They will make repairs and recommendations if anything needs to be repaired or upgraded.

  2. Seal those leaks

    For those who have older homes or homes with large open spaces, we are used to dealing with cold air drafts during the winter. The bad news is that those drafts are costing you money. The good news is that it doesn’t have to. Take some time and check out the weather stripping around your functional windows and doors and the caulking around the non-opening windows. Caulk and weather-stripping deteriorate over time but are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace. By doing so, you will help maintain the temperature in the room and save money as leaks are eliminated.

  3. Clean around your heating system

    Your heating system needs an ample amount of fresh air around it to function most efficiently. The furnace draws cool air into it through ductwork to be heated up and then distributed via another set of ducts. If the area around the furnace is crowded, the unit will need to labor harder to draw in air. Obstructions can cause the unit to overheat, reducing the lifespan of its internal parts. By keeping the area around the furnace clear, you can ensure that the furnace is operating at its highest efficiency.

Oil Burner Maintenance and Repair Service

When it’s time for you to get your oil burner thoroughly checked and cleaned, call the experts at Tragar. We offer a full range of professional repair services for oil heat and gas heat systems. Our parent company, Tragar, has been serving Nassau County and Suffolk County residents for over 60 years with our guaranteed 5-star customer service. For information about heating system upgrades or to schedule a COD oil delivery, call Tragar Express today at (516) 221-2559. You can also email us at