How to Conserve Oil on Cold Days

cold daysAs cold weather rolls in, heating bills begin to rise. With winter looming on the horizon, it pays to take stock of ways you can reduce your fuel oil usage and lower your bills. Here is a list of strategies you can use to do exactly that with that in mind.

Tips to Conserve Heat on Cold Days

  1. Lower your thermostat

    The rule of thumb is that you can save about 3% on your heating bill for every degree you set back your thermostat.

  2. Consider getting a smart thermostat

    Consumer Reports advises getting a smart thermostat, saying, “They save energy by lowering the temperature when you’re asleep or away. In fact, many of them use sensors and your phone’s location data to “learn” your routine and adjust your home’s temperature accordingly.”

  3. Block any leaks

    There are many small ways heat escapes, and it is often simple to fix them. Use door sweeps on exterior doors, caulk any drafty spots around windows, and apply weatherstripping to movable joints. Install gaskets in electrical outlets on outer walls. Winterize your windows If you don’t have storm windows. Keep the fireplace damper closed when it is not in use.

  4. Reverse fan direction

    Run your ceiling fan in reverse to push hot air back down to floor level. Limit usage of kitchen and bathroom fans. It is a general consensus that it only takes about 20 minutes after a shower to remove the moisture from your bathroom, and anything beyond that is just removing heat from your home. (According to the Department of Energy. It only takes one hour for a decent bathroom or kitchen fan to expel a houseful of warm air.)

  5. Take advantage of the sun

    Make a habit of opening curtains and shades during the daytime and closing them at night. This lets you use the sun’s heat for additional warmth during the day while shielding you from the chill at night.

  6. Floor coverings are essential

    Rugs and other floor coverings are a simple way to provide another insulation layer to the home.

  7. Vents and empty rooms

    Seldom used and unused rooms don’t need to be heated. Close off unused rooms and shut the vents in those rooms. Ensure all heating vents are clear of obstructions that can prevent efficient heat circulation.

  8. Stay on top of furnace maintenance

    Basic, regular maintenance is essential. It’s no fun to call a service tech only to discover that the issue was a clogged filter. Properly maintaining your heating unit can result in a 3% to 10% savings on your heating bills.

  9. Monitor your oil tank gauge

    Don’t let your tank run out of fuel oil which may add special delivery charges and leave you cold while waiting for its arrival. When your gauge reads between 50 – 60 gallons or ¼ of a tank, request a delivery.

Oil Heat Maintenance and Repair Service

When it’s time for heating system maintenance or upgrades, call the experts at Tragar. We offer a full range of oil heat and gas heat systems services. Our parent company, Tragar, has been keeping Nassau County and Suffolk County residents comfortable for over 60 years. For information about heating system upgrades or scheduling a COD oil delivery, call Tragar Express today at (516) 221-2559. You can also email us at