How to Conserve Your Home’s Heat on Cold Days

how to conserve heatHome heating and cooling expenses constitute approximately half of a home’s annual energy costs per year. To help you save money on your home heating costs this winter, we have put together some tips for energy conservation that will help keep your home warmer during the coldest days this winter.

5 Easy Heat Conservation Tips


  1. Programmable Thermostats

    Start saving money today by lowering your home’s temperature at night and when you aren’t home. According to the U.S. Energy Department, you can save up to 10% on annual energy costs by lowering your thermostat by 7o to 10o for 8 hours a day. Invest in a quality programmable thermostat with multiple day/night settings so that you can change settings for weekends vs. weekdays and be changed remotely if your schedule should change.

  2. Properly Insulate Doors and Windows

    The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that homes lose up to a third of their heat via leaky doors and windows. By re-caulking non-moving gaps in floorboards, windows, and outlets, you can save between 10% to 20% on heating costs. Replacing old and worn-out weather-stripping can also reduce heating costs by keeping warm air inside.

    If you have ductwork, clean the ducts to ensure proper airflow and check the ducts’ insulation and sealing tape, particularly around the corners and edges. Forced air systems can waste a lot of warm air through gaps and leaks.

  3. Invest In High-Quality Curtains

    Thick window coverings that are attached to the window frame or walls can reduce heat loss by up to 25%. The second layer of curtains will further help improve your home’s insulation. Dual shades, which are white on one side and dark on the other, can absorb winter sunlight and, during the summer, help keep out the summer sun. You can improve aesthetics and cut costs at the same time.

  4. Tune Up Your Heating System

    Change your filters at the start of each new season, at the minimum. They are typically easy to replace and relatively inexpensive. If you haven’t had a heating system tune-up in more than a year or two, it’s time to schedule one. Have a professional HVAC technician check your furnace, boiler, and other heating system components and ensure efficiency and that they are in good working order.

  5. Fireplace Maintenance

    If you have a fireplace, they can be a source of cozy warmth on cold nights, but they can also be a source of significant heat and energy loss. For those who have active, in-use fireplaces – 

    • Close the damper when the fire is out to conserve heat.
    • Use a heat exchanger to ensure that heat stays in the room/house.
    • Check the caulking around the fireplace.

If your fireplace is no longer being used, make sure you have it sealed off securely to prevent unnecessary heat loss. Seal the flue and periodically check the seals. You can find other fireplace heat retention tips here.

Oil Heat Maintenance and Repair Service

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