How Summer Weather Affects Your HVAC System

hvac system repairWe’ll soon be working our HVAC systems extra hard to keep us cool during the Dog Days of Summer. The “Dog Days” is actually an ancient reference tied to the coincidental sunrise rising of Sirius, the Dog Star. While the star doesn’t have an actual effect on our temperature, its appearance in our morning skies traditionally coincided with the hottest and most humid of our summer months.

So as it gets hotter, and we strive to keep cool, let’s learn what this means for our HVAC systems.

Can Hot Weather Affect an AC?

Your air conditioner operates in a continuous cycle of compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation. The amount of heat and the speed it transfers depends on the difference between the temperature of the outside air and the refrigerant in your system. So the hotter it is outside, the more your system has to work.

You can help improve the efficiency of your system by making sure the outside of the unit is clean and clear of debris. A clean air filter both improves indoor air quality and helps operation.

Does High Humidity Affect HVAC?

High humidity can increase the amount of work your system has to do in order to cool your home. If the unit is the wrong size for the space (too big or too small), an outdated model, or periods of extreme weather can all tax your system and cause humidity problems.

You should consult a professional if your interior humidity is too high and you are noticing a musty or damp smell, your indoor air feels moist, or if your windows are fogged.

Does Heat Affect Your HVAC System?

As the heat rises outside, the compressor in your HVAC system is going to have to work harder. The compressor compresses the refrigerant (as a gas) and raises its temperature to put it under pressure. This forces it through the outdoor coils where it releases its heat and condolences into a liquid. The now-liquid refrigerant returns indoors to absorb heat from your home. It then travels to the compressor to become a gas and start the process over again.

Does Outside Temperature Affect Air Conditioners?

Sustained periods of extreme temperatures can have an adverse effect on your devices. It’s not generally recommended to run your AC when it is below 60℉ because there is a risk of freezing. Constant operation on the hottest days (temperatures greater than 100℉) to keep us cool can put a strain on the system. Much like ourselves, these devices aren’t meant to run indefinitely.

Because the unit needs to run more during hot days, the fans may be accumulating dirt and debris at a faster rate. In an effort to help prevent this, be sure to check and clean it regularly.

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