Heating Tips for When You Travel This Winter

heating and safe winter travelThe coming of the cold weather months for many means an escape to warmer climates. Of course, your house cannot go with you, so homeowners must think about what should be going on at home base when you travel.

Should I Leave My Heat on When I Travel for Vacation?

Getting home from a winter escape can be a jarring experience if your home feels like a refrigerator when you return. The general rule is to lower your thermostat 5 degrees than your usual settings for electrical HVACS, but if you have oil and gas, then you can generally go another 1 or 2 degrees more. This approach also generally gives you the best energy efficiency and keeps your houseplants happy at the same time.

Suppose you plan on a more protracted period away. Many professional opinions advise that you turn the temp down to no lower than 54 degrees due to the potential for freezing pipes and similar concerns. Staying in this range should help prevent you from having the post-vacation experience of frozen appliances or frozen and burst water pipes.

What Else Can I Do to Minimize My Energy Bill While Away?

  • Pick and choose which appliances to leave plugged in and why.
  • Appliances that show “signs of life” such as a few lamps or a TV can keep casual burglars away, but everything else should be unplugged, except the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Check for drafts or signs of other leaks that could leave you “heating the great outdoors.”
  • Lower your blinds and close your curtains. You’d be surprised how much heat this allows your home to retain, helping to lower your power bill even more.

Check Your Home Insurance Plan

It may not be the first tip you would expect, but the devil often lurks in the details. It’s good to check for clauses concerning prolonged absences from the property. As USA Today notes:

“Let’s say you go away for a week and leave the water turned on. Did you know some insurance policies are invalid if you haven’t turned the water off for an absence of four days or longer? Some are invalid if you haven’t hired a house sitter for absences of more than 21 days.”

You never know when you’ll find something pertinent to your heating system.

Contact Tragar Express to Keep You Warm in the Winter

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