Gas Heat vs. Oil Heat

home heating systemAutumn is here, and the cold weather looms in the not-too-distant future. It’s a good time to get a jump on making sure that you and yours stay toasty warm through the cold months ahead. Which does a better and more efficient job, gas heat or oil heat?

First, let’s start with an essential definition. AFUE ratings are the baseline measurement we will be using. In the simplest terms, the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is the percentage of your fuel that is converted into energy. designates high-efficiency heating systems as having 90% to 98.5% AFUE, and mid-efficiency heating systems have a rating of 80% to 83%. Anything lower than that is considered low-efficiency.

Is Oil Heat or Gas Heat Safer?

There are a number of reasons that oil heat is a safer overall choice.

  • Heating oil is not flammable like gas.
  • Oil has a distinctive smell, which can allow you to identify leaks. Gas, which is toxic, does not have an odor without the use of additives.
  • With oil, the possibility of an explosion is not an issue.

Additionally, gas heat systems require a pipeline to deliver the gas to your home. A leak in this pipeline can be very dangerous and can take weeks or months to repair.

How Efficient Is Oil Heat?

Due to modern methods of oil production and combustion, oil heat generates more heat than gas heat, about 140,000 BTUs versus 100,000 for the same amount of fuel, according to RegionEnergy. Additionally, efficiency ratings on newer heating systems usually fall into the 83-95% AFUE range, classifying them as high efficiency. The older the unit is, the lower the probable AFUE rating.

Is It Cheaper to Heat with Gas or Oil?

While both are subject to fluctuations due to supply and demand, the gas markets tend to be more stable, resulting in steadier fuel prices. The machinery and heating systems for oil-based systems are generally much cheaper and more widely available than gas-based ones. They also tend to last roughly twice as long.

Which Is Better Oil Heat or Gas Heat?

The answer may vary according to your needs, but it is worth noting that roughly 5.3 million households in the United States used heating oil (distillate fuel oil) as their main fuel, with approximately 82% of those households in the Northeast. Get more information on making the choice between oil heat and gas heat in our pros and cons article.

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