Four Tips to Get Ahead of The Cold Weather

cold weather tipsThough an oil tank can come in handy all year along, it is the most essential during the cooler fall and winter months. This applies to furnaces, thermostats, and other heating accessories as well. The weather is currently still warm, and the summer season is still ongoing, but the cold weather will soon creep up on us. Don’t let it catch you by surprise! Before this happens, the home heating oil experts of Tragar Express want to inform you on how to get ahead of the cold weather this year so you are prepared.

4 Winter Heating Preparation Tips

  1. Keep The Cold Air Out

    This is called “weatherizing” your home. Weatherizing your home describes ways to control the climate of your home by eliminating outside factors. In the cooler months, you can do this by preventing leaks of cold air from outside coming into your home. This can be done in many ways including weatherstripping any spaces around your windows or doors, adding insulation to heating ducts, and keeping your curtains or drapes closed at night.

  2. Lower Your Thermostat

    During the fall and winter months, there’s no need to crank your thermostat all the way up. In fact, this is the best time to lower your thermostat to save money. To put it into perspective, simply lowering your thermostat from 72 degrees to 68 degrees will save you about 12 percent on your next heating bill.

  3. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

    If you have a ceiling fan, an easy way to keep your home warm during the cold fall and winter months is to modify the direction of your ceiling fan. If you set your ceiling fan to move clockwise, this action will move the warm air in your home downward. Therefore, reversing the motion of your ceiling fan will keep the warmth of your home on the ground, where it’s needed the most.

  4. Refill Your Oil Tank

    An oil tank will keep your home warm, but only for as long as it is filled. If you have been using your oil tank during the spring and summer, there’s a good chance that you may run out of oil before the temperature drops. Get ahead of the rush by placing your order today to get your oil tank filled!

Trust Tragar Express To Keep You Warm In Your Home

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