Four Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Heating System

signs to upgrade heatYour heating system is an essential component of your home that you rely on to keep you and your loved ones warm. In return, your heating system is dependent on you to keep it running smoothly with regular maintenance checks and scheduling repairs at the first sign of deterioration. Many of us utilize our heating system year-round, not just for home heating purposes but for water heat and cooking. Here are some signs that your system needs an upgrade.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Heating System

  1. Your heating system is old

    The longer you have your heating system, the more likely it is that issues will occur. The average boiler lasts for about 10 to 15 years , so if your heating system is older than that, it is time to upgrade. Newer systems are considerably more energy-efficient and will save you money on utility bills. A new boiler such as the Energy Kinetics System 2000 offers impressive energy output at a fraction of old system costs.

  2. Your boiler makes strange noises or smells

    Naturally, when your boiler is running, it makes a noise that resembles a humming sound that may even be too low to notice. On the other hand, this is not normal if you hear loud banging noises coming from your heating system. These noises are trying to tell you that your system needs an inspection at least and probably a repair. The same goes for smells. If you notice odd odors coming from your boiler, it’s time to call a heating expert.

  3. Your bills keep increasing

    Your heating system uses up a lot of energy in your home, and it will reflect on your bills. However, if you see an unexpected increase in your monthly energy bills, meaning that your rates haven’t increased, then this can be a sign of an issue with your heating system. Optimally working heating systems will use energy resources more efficiently and save you money, not cost you more.

  4. You have had multiple repairs

    Though we encourage scheduling regular tune-ups for your heating system, frequent, repeat service calls are a strong sign that your system is experiencing more significant issues. Ideally, you should schedule a yearly tune-up by a qualified HVAC professional to get ahead of any problems. Additionally, having annual tune-ups can save you money on expensive repairs down the line if the issues are identified and addressed early.

Trust Tragar for Heating System Repairs

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