Five Ways to Save Energy This Summer

A hand holding a smartphone with a dialog box saying "Save Energy".Summer is right around the corner, which means you will be reaching for your AC more than ever. Though it is essential to keep yourself and your family cool and comfortable as the temperature rises, that does not mean that you should spend more money and use up more energy. There are multiple ways to cool your home on hot days without having your energy bills skyrocket. Tragar Express is here to provide you with five ways to help you conserve energy and keep money in your pocket this summer!

  1. Block Out Hidden Heat

    If you are trying to keep your home cool during the summer, you need to keep hot air from entering your home. A few ways to do this include sealing any cracks and openings around your doors and windows by filling them in with caulk or covering them with weather-stripping, advises. These proactive steps can help you beat the heat so you will not have to blast your AC.

  2. Reach For A Fan

    The next time your home starts feeling like a sauna, try to reach for a fan instead of turning on your AC. reports that fans, especially ceiling fans, use up less energy than an AC does, helping you to save money on electricity.

  3. Give Your Oven a Break

    When you are ready to cook, do not automatically turn to your oven. suggests using your microwave, toaster oven, or Instant Pot to save energy and money. Of course, this depends on what you are cooking, but keep in mind that an oven can cause your home to feel warm. Using your oven less often will allow you to use your AC less because your home will naturally be cooler.

  4. Use Your Thermostat Efficiently

    If you have a thermostat, summer is the perfect time to start optimizing it. Every degree above 72° that you set your thermostat can save you “up to 3% on cooling expenses,” estimates Aim to set your thermostat to the highest temperature possible while keeping you comfortable. Ideally, try to set it around 78°.

  5. Switch to LED Light Bulbs

    Your light bulbs can be a hidden source of heat in your home. reports that only about 10% of the energy in incandescent light bulbs is used to light your home, while the remaining 90% converts to heat energy. On the other hand, LED light bulbs do not radiate as much heat and can last “25 times longer.” Though LED light bulbs are more expensive, they use “75% less energy” than incandescent light bulbs, so you will easily make up for the initial cost with the money you will save on your electricity bills!

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