The Cost of COD vs. Automatic Delivery

cod oil COD oil delivery and automatic delivery services each have distinct pros based on your needs and means as the homeowner. COD delivery represents a convenient way for homeowners to purchase oil based on their immediate needs and schedules. In contrast, automatic oil delivery takes the guesswork out of oil delivery as your oil company handles everything for you. Which is better? It depends entirely on your situation.

All About COD Oil Delivery

COD, or cash on delivery, oil is shipped to you only when you request it. Your needs dictate when you order your oil and have it delivered. What are some other advantages of COD oil?

  1. Order as Needed, When You Can

    If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford regular fill-ups, you can order smaller quantities of oil when your budget allows for it. Most standard home heating oil tanks have a 275-gallon capacity, although they are considered full at 225 gallons. At $2.50 gallon, a standard oil tank would require $562 to fill. Larger homes can use above-ground tanks as large as 1,000 gallons, which would mean an empty tank could cost over $2,200 to fill.

  2. No Long-Term Service Contracts

    There are certainly upsides to signing up for a long-term contract with a reputable home heating oil company, such as preferential oil delivery scheduling and regularly arranged HVAC system maintenance. These contracts can also lock you into oil prices. While this can certainly be advantageous should oil prices rise above your contracted cost, it can work against you should oil prices drop. You can also shop around for the best prices available whenever you need a delivery.

  3. Easy Online Ordering

    COD oil is simple to order. Create an account on the site, place your order, and get your oil delivered. It’s that simple. On, if you place your order before 10 AM, you can get your oil delivered on the same day.

All About Automatic Oil Delivery

Automatic oil deliveries are pre-scheduled, based on a calculated usage estimate. This type of service also offers distinct advantages for homeowners.

  1. Never Run Out of Oil

    Automatic oil deliveries can provide homeowners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your oil tank will never be empty. Your oil company will schedule deliveries based on your previous usage and make a delivery when your tank is down to about 25% capacity.

  2. Avoid Emergency Deliveries

    In addition to the physical discomforts that would come from running out of oil, not to mention the dangers of your pipes freezing if your house gets too cold, emergency oil deliveries always come with a premium price tag. If your furnace needs to be restarted, which it likely will if you’re out of oil, this will also have a premium fee attached to it.

  3. Service Contract Advantages

    When you sign a contract with an oil company, you are locking in your price tag for your oil, which can work for or against you. But you are also now eligible for preferential treatment when it comes to oil deliveries as well. Customers without contracts who call for oil don’t get priority service. In contrast, customers who have long-term deals enjoy this benefit, particularly during the winter storm season when demand for delivery skyrockets.

Choose Your Best Oil Delivery Option

Whether you choose COD oil delivery or automatic oil delivery, we will gladly accommodate your needs, and you will receive the highest level of service. Tragar Home Services has provided top-rated customer service and superior HVAC products to Long Island homeowners for more than 60 years. To learn more about our services or schedule an oil delivery, call Tragar Home Services at (516) 221-2559.