Comparing Home Heating Fuels

A background image of someone fixing an oil tank with the text "What is No. 2 heating fuel?"Keeping your home warm in the cooler months is essential, which is even more urgent when it comes to New York winters. You can easily make sure that you and your loved ones are comfortable by burning home heating oil for warmth. However, different types of home heating oil are produced to offer homeowners more variety. As home heating oil experts, the specialists of Tragar Express are here to inform you about four different home heating oil options.

  1. No. 2 Fuel Oil

    #2 fuel oil is simply another name for standard home heating oil. This type of fuel oil is the most popular as it is the industry standard for home heating. It is commonly used in boilers and furnaces to warm homes in the cooler months. This type of fuel oil is also not taxed by the government, so it is dyed red to distinguish it from taxed fuel oil options.

    #2 fuel oil is thick and heavy, so states that it is often mixed with #1 fuel oil to thin it out in the winter months. Additionally, #2 fuel oil is very chemically similar to diesel fuel oil. In fact, they are so similar that you can use diesel fuel oil in place of #2 fuel oil if you are in dire need of home heating oil. explains that diesel is more expensive than #2 fuel oil, so this should only be a short-term solution.

  2. Diesel

    Diesel fuel oil is usually not the first option for home heating, but it does make a temporary substitute for #2 fuel oil if you run out and are waiting for your next oil delivery. Diesel fuel oil is described as a middleweight result of distillation, is thinner than home heating oil, and powers generators and large vehicles, including trains and trucks. Though diesel fuel oil makes an acceptable temporary replacement for #2 fuel oil for home heating, never use #2 fuel oil to replace diesel in a vehicle!

  3. Kerosene

    Kerosene is a low viscosity oil that can either be clear or pale yellow in color. It is used to produce heat and light in homes and businesses, as described by Additionally, kerosene fuel oil tends to burn cleaner than other fuel oil options and has a lower carbon monoxide risk, so it is safer to burn in your home.

  4. Bioheat®

    Bioheat® is a home heating oil blend made from standard heating oil and renewable biodiesel. It is a clean fuel alternative for home heating because it decreases global warming emissions. In fact, Bioheat® is so environmentally-friendly that declares that making Bioheat® fuel more accessible is a major objective of the Net-Zero Heroes™, where the goal is to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for all. We offer Bioheat® to our customers because we want to keep the environment clean while also keeping your home warm.

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