COD Oil Delivery vs. Full-Service Oil Delivery

cod vs full service oilCOD oil delivery and full-service oil delivery each offer homeowners a unique set of advantages. At initial face value, one service is not necessarily better than the other. The concept of “better” is purely subjective. The difference-maker is a homeowner’s particular circumstances and what works best for them. We’re here to help educate homeowners about the differences so that they can make a well-informed decision.

3 Benefits of COD Oil Delivery

  1. No Long-Term Contracts

    COD oil delivery means that you are not locked into a long-term service contract so you have the freedom to shop around. Having the flexibility to look at other oil companies and their prices means that you can save some money.

  2. Avoid Sticker Shock

    Most COD oil companies have the current oil prices displayed prominently on their website’s homepage. The prices are typically updated daily to keep up with constantly changing oil prices.

  3. Convenience

    Scheduling an oil delivery can be done in three easy steps. Create an account on the website, order the oil, and schedule the delivery.

3 Benefits of Full-Service Oil Delivery

  1. Service Contract Benefits

    A service contract with an oil company guarantees a certain value and some added protection for the customer.

    • They can offer their customers budget programs to balance out heating costs over the whole year.
    • Contract clients will get preferential delivery scheduling during the winter at peak demand times.
    • Customers who have contracts for heating and cooling may get discounts when they use the same company for both services.
    • Full-service oil companies have service and repair technicians while strictly COD delivery companies usually don’t have the staff for that.
  2. Price Security

    Even though many COD oil companies offer discount pricing, COD oil isn’t always the cheapest option. When a customer signs a long-term contract, the oil price is guaranteed. If oil prices go up, then the COD oil will cost significantly more than a contract price.

  3. Automatic Delivery

    Be certain that you will never run out of oil again with automatic deliveries. No guesswork is needed as the next delivery is always scheduled and the oil company knows when the next delivery is needed.

Both types of oil delivery services have their benefits. Perhaps the most significant difference is the service contract that homeowners sign when they agree to a deal with a full-service oil company. Homeowners must decide whether or not they wish to sign a long-term contract, whether or not it works for their particular needs or not.

Choose the Best Oil Delivery Option for You

Whether you choose COD oil delivery service via Tragar Express or if you opt for full-service automatic oil delivery via Tragar Home Services, we will gladly accommodate your needs.

Tragar Express provides discount COD oil delivery service and offers same-day delivery on orders placed before 10 a.m. Tragar Home Services offers automatic oil delivery for its customers. With either option, our customers will receive the highest level of service.

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