Why Is My Central Air Conditioner a Block of Ice?

A close-up image of an air conditioner freezing up.A quality central air conditioner will keep you comfortable in your home with cool air, but only when operating optimally. If problems arise in your cooling system, unforeseen side effects can occur, like your central air conditioner essentially freezing into a block of ice. This can be a sign of bigger problems with your air conditioner. If you have noticed that your central AC is freezing over, the cooling professionals at Tragar Express are here to advise on a few reasons why this is happening.

  1. Dirty Air Filter

    One of the main reasons for your AC producing frost is not having a clean air filter. When an air filter is working optimally, air can quickly move through it, and your AC cools your area quickly and effectively. On the other hand, Fix.com informs us that having a dirty air filter will restrict airflow from your living area to your air conditioner’s evaporator coils. As a result, your AC will become colder over time, creating an environment for ice and frost to form.

  2. Thermostat & Fan Setting

    If your air filter is not the issue, it may be the setting of your thermostat and fan that is causing your AC to freeze. For example, having both your AC’s thermostat temperature and fan speed set to low decreases the ability of your AC to transfer its heat from indoors to outdoors. The low fan speed makes it harder for your AC to circulate warm air to make your area cooler, so your AC can start to freeze up as a result.

  3. Low Coolant

    When all else fails, and you cannot find any obvious issue with the parts of your AC, your refrigerant may be the cause of your AC suddenly frosting. Typically, your AC’s coolant should last forever because it gets recycled through the AC’s lifetime. However, if the coolant is leaking and the issue is not caught early, the low levels of your AC’s coolant can have your AC having ice buildup and frosting as it is overcompensating to produce cool air, explains HomeGuides.SFGate.com.

Trust Tragar Express to Repair Your Cooling System

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