The Best Time to Get an Oil Delivery

oil tank fill pipeAs a homeowner, you have many decisions to make regarding your house and property. Many of these decisions are budget-based, including what bills to pay, what you’d like your home to look like, and necessary maintenance expenditures. For homeowners who rely on oil to heat their homes, deciding when to get an oil delivery can be a big decision as it will cost several hundred dollars to fill up an average 275-gallon residential oil tank. So, when is the best time for you to get an oil delivery?

The Best Times to Get Oil Delivered

  1. Before You Need It

    Cold weather means that oil deliveries can take longer to receive than usual. Unexpected cold snaps can also cause a home to utilize extra oil for both heating and cooking. Keep a close eye on your oil tank’s fill level. If your 275-gallon tank is 25% full, it’s time to place an order. Why?

    The actual oil capacity of a 275-gallon tank is 225 gallons. Space is always left in the tank to accommodate air and debris. The average 2,500 square foot home uses 6-7 gallons of oil per day when outdoor temperatures are 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Your 275-gallon tank that reads as ¼ full has 56 gallons of oil, which is sufficient for about a week. Considering the peak oil delivery season, schedule an oil delivery as soon as possible to avoid running out.

  2. Before the Tank is Empty

    An oil tank accumulates water and sediment as a natural result of normal usage. If your oil tank is empty, the water and sediment are getting sucked into the fuel lines, which can damage your heating system and necessitate expensive repairs.

  3. When Prices Are Low

    Although oil prices are typically lower in the warmer months, this isn’t always the case. Keep an eye on prices and top off your tank when the price drops to save yourself some money later on. This way, you can also avoid the higher costs typically associated with seasonal supply and demand. Oil can safely sit in a well-maintained tank for 18-24 months, so if you fill your tank in July or August, the oil will be good for use during the winter months.

  4. At the End of the Winter

    Why top off your tank as the temperatures begin to get warmer? Condensation forms inside of your oil tank naturally. Water can corrode and form rust on the oil tank itself, creating a potentially disastrous scenario.

By topping off your oil tank, you are not only protecting it from rust but also preventing the growth of microorganisms that form in the excess water. These microorganisms grow and die, creating sediment which can clog fuel lines and cause expensive damage to your home heating system. The sediment can also cause rust to form, stressing the oil tank structure.

Top Off Your Oil Tank and Save with Tragar Express

Scheduling oil deliveries are a part of a homeowner’s life, but choosing the optimal time to do so can save you hundreds of dollars. By keeping a close eye on your oil tank’s fill levels, you can plan for an oil tank fill up for when it makes the most sense for you and avoid emergency deliveries. To schedule your next delivery of discounted home heating oil, call Tragar Express today at (516) 221-2559 or fill out our contact form.