Will Adverse Weather Affect My Oil Delivery?

adverse weatherWinter is in full effect, and with it comes increased usage of home heating oil. As your home’s energy requirements increase, you should try to be more conscious of your home’s energy usage and heating oil level. Unfortunately, you can run low and need a last-minute delivery. During the winter months and due to frequently disruptive storms, homeowners experience increased anxiety over their storm preparedness.
So, what happens during the inevitable inclement weather? Does this mean that we won’t deliver your COD oil? Winter storms certainly have a detrimental effect on deliveries of any kind. At Tragar Express, we want you to know that our work crews’ safety and well-being are paramount, and we will do our best to accommodate our valued customers’ needs. 

Plan Your Oil Deliveries

Try to avoid the possibility of interrupted service with some of these helpful tips and keeping in mind the following. The average home heating oil tank is 275 gallons and has a capacity of 225 gallons. The average 2,500 square foot home uses 6-7 gallons of oil per day when outdoor temperatures are 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So, your 275-gallon tank that reads as ¼ full has 56 gallons of oil, which is sufficient for about a week. Every home is different but keep this in mind as a general usage guide.

  1. Monitor your oil levels

    Keep an eye on your oil tank level. When you are down to a quarter tank, schedule a delivery so that even if your delivery gets delayed unexpectedly, you won’t run out of oil.

  2. Get regular deliveries

    Do you get paid biweekly? Get a small shipment every month with your first paycheck. By topping off your tank every month, you should be able to avoid running out and needing an emergency shipment at an inopportune time.

  3. Pay attention to the forecast

    Everyone rushes out to get bread and milk at the first mention of a winter snowstorm. During the calmer in-between periods is when you should get a top off. If it’s been a few weeks since your last shipment and the weather looks clear, schedule an oil delivery.

Reliable COD Oil Delivery

When it’s time for you to get your next home heating oil delivery, call Tragar Express. Our parent company, Tragar, has been dependably serving Nassau County and Suffolk County residents for over 60 years with our guaranteed 5-star customer service. Tragar also offers a full range of professional upgrade and repair services for oil heat and gas heat systems. For information about heating system upgrades or schedule a COD oil delivery, call Tragar Express today at (516) 206-3805. You can also email us at info@tragarexpress.com.