5 Summertime Heating System Maintenance Tips

summer heating maintenance tipsWhen outside temperatures reach into the 80s or 90s, most homeowners aren’t thinking about their home heating systems. They are thinking about the cost of keeping their homes cool, whether they have central air conditioning, ductless air conditioners, or traditional window air conditioning units. However, when it’s hottest out is the ideal time to pay attention to your home’s heating system. According to NYSERDA, it costs more to heat your home than it does to cool it. Since about half of a yearly energy bill goes towards heating and cooling costs, it makes sense to engage in some basic heating system maintenance during the offseason. So, where do you begin?

  1. Change your furnace air filters. This essential maintenance task can be completed in just a few minutes. Air filters aren’t expensive to replace and ought to be checked once a month. In most homes, they will need replacement every 3 months. If the filter is dirty after only a month, it means that your HVAC system is working harder to push air through. A clean air filter helps filter out pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and more, improving your home’s air quality.
  2. Get your furnace and boiler serviced. Keep the furnace free from dust, dirt, and rust to maintain optimal unit efficiency. In addition to an overall clean up and unit check, NYSERDA recommends having a boiler combustion analysis performed. This analysis will indicate the boiler’s operational efficiency. Based on this test, you can determine whether you need to replace the unit.
  3. When your furnace is being serviced, reseal and insulate furnace ducts. Ductwork should be wrapped in insulation to maintain ideal temperatures. You can improve duct efficiency by up to 20% so it’s important to keep ducts sealed and clean.
  4. If you have a central heat pump, have it checked. Have a qualified HVAC contractor inspect your heat pump to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency. The heat pump works to both heat and cool your home. This essential system component is key to the efficient operation of both systems. 
  5. Invest in new, high-efficient heating equipment. Furnaces have an expected service life of up to 30 years, and boilers have an expected service life of up to 15 years. Newer models work more efficiently and economically. The Energy Kinetics System 2000 hybrid boiler is up to 38% more efficient than other new boilers, so you can only imagine how much more efficient it is vs. a decade old unit.

Save Money by Being Proactive Now

Our summertime heating maintenance tips could help save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars next winter. Some experts estimate heating expenses cost as much as 3x what it costs to cool a home. Keep your home warm and save money by acting now. Winter is closer than you think, so act now! Give the home heating experts at Tragar a call at (516) 221-2559 to discuss upgrading your heating system.