5 Benefits of COD Oil Delivery

benefitsofcodoilCOD oil might be a new concept for some homeowners, but it is already standard practice for others. These homeowners have discovered some of the many benefits of COD, or cash on delivery, oil. Read on to discover some of the benefits of COD oil and then learn how to sign up for your own COD oil service.

Why Sign Up for COD Oil

  1. No Sticker Shock

    When you shop for COD oil, the price is typically displayed on the home page of the company’s website. Not only is the price per gallon updated daily, but the better COD oil companies offer and display their bulk pricing for bulk delivery quantities. This helps homeowners avoid unexpected sticker shock when receiving a delivery.

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  2. No Expensive, Long-term Contracts

    Some oil companies that set up automatic deliveries for a season can lock homeowners into months-long contracts. When you order your oil from a COD oil company, you aren’t locked into a long-term agreement. You can shop around for each delivery if you’d like, and save money with whichever company is advertising lower prices. This can certainly work to a homeowner’s advantage. However, if you wait too long, you run the risk of running out of oil, which can negate the financial benefits of COD oil.

  3. Convenience

    If you need an oil delivery, simply:

    • Log onto the COD oil company’s website,
    • Specify how many gallons of oil you want,
    • Schedule your delivery.

    Companies like Tragar Express offer same-day oil deliveries if the order is placed by 10 AM.

  4. Order as You Go

    Many homeowners cannot afford to fill their oil tanks when they are almost empty. They also may not be able to afford to sign up for automatic oil deliveries due to ever-changing oil prices. With COD oil service, you can specify exactly how many gallons of oil you want and shop around to get the best price available. Being in control of how much oil is to be delivered, and the price allows homeowners to budget for oil deliveries and get deliveries when they can afford them. The ability to avoid last-minute emergency deliveries can help to save homeowners hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a season.

  5. Find the Right Company

    Just because a company offers the lowest oil prices around does not mean it’s the best company. By not entering into a contract with a particular provider, you can easily find another oil company if you don’t like the service provided. An oil company should be reliable, have a courteous and professional staff, and offer its customers competitive prices. We offer all of this and more to our customers.

Trust Tragar Express for Your COD Oil

Tragar has 60 years of unparalleled customer experience, a highly trained staff to service customers over the phone and in the field, deeply discounted premium home heating oil plus several ways to save even more money. We know that you have plenty of options, and we want to be yours. We have an experienced repair staff as well, in case your oil heating system requires regular or emergency repairs, or simply needs a tune-up.

To learn more about Tragar Express or to place your first COD oil order, please call us today at 516-221-2559. We look forward to hearing from you!