3 Oil Heating System Safety Tips

Gray upside down hexagon with a green checkmark with text saying "Safety Tips".It is advantageous to have oil heating in your home, but there are essential safety tips to keep in mind. While oil heat is quite safe, there are some potential risks with it, just as with any heating system that utilizes a combustible fuel source. Fortunately, the oil heating professionals at Tragar Express are here to give you some valuable tips to keep you and your family safe when using oil to heat your home.

  1. Have/Install an Oil Tank Whistle

    One of an oil tank’s most essential components is its whistle because it notifies you when the oil tank may get overfilled. WOCEnergyOnline.com advises having an oil tank with a working whistle to prevent oil leaks and spills. Oil spills can cause corrosion to your tank and present a serious slip and fall risk.

  2. Buy A Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    Having oil heat in your home can come with one literally unsightly but highly lethal visitor: carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is a natural byproduct of heating fossil fuels including oil, explains Sperrs.com. To protect you and your family from being poisoned, purchase a quality carbon monoxide alarm and make sure it is always functioning with regular tests and battery replacement.

  3. Clear The Perimeter

    As we all know, oil is a highly flammable liquid, but the heat generated from your oil tank’s burner is also sufficient to ignite anything flammable that is too close to the system. MarstellarOilConcrete.com recommends keeping any items, particularly combustible ones including paint and cleaning fluids, at least three feet away from your oil burner to prevent fires.

Oil Heating Maintenance and Repair Service

Your oil tank works hard for you and is expensive to replace, so return the favor by keeping up with maintenance and any possible repairs. Our experts at Tragar Express and our parent company, Tragar, have been providing oil heat and gas heat system service to Nassau County and Suffolk County homes residents for over 60 years with guaranteed 5-star customer service. Schedule an oil delivery if your oil tank is running low or contact us if your oil tank needs repair. For more information, call us at (516) 221-2559 or email us at info@tragarexpress.com!